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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  December 3, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live look from our roof cam over downtown san francisco cloudy skies out there this afternoon but were not sing rain. we've been seeing the clouds stream over ross and the moisture stream over for more than 24 hours. this is all we have for rainfall totals not even a quarter of an inch in santa rosa. not even attend the bench in petaluma and it just gets worse from there. barely registering on the radar.
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doubling getting 100 of an inch of rain. in concord 300. right now storm tracker 4 radar few light showers mainly in the north bay. a couple sitting off shore as well. as i mentioned we've been seeing that cloud cover stream through the bay area wrote all of northern california and plenty of moisture on the. if it does reach the ground it's falling very light. that will certainly change to the weekend is certainly tomorrow and a series of heavier showers especially into sunday it will time out in future cast look rifle totals and your extended forecast in just a bit. >> students and teachers and 65 different schools in the oakland unified school district are having a said there classes' without heat. because what this school district is calling for planning on its part. they took cost-cutting measures to save money by turning off
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the poorly maintained furnaces during the thanksgiving break. when the staff and students returned the furnaces failed. the school district expect all schools to have heat by the end of the year. i live look outside at traffic in the headlights' are northbound this is the 680-24 split in walnut creek and you did you traffic pretty heavy on the northbound side. moving slowly and both directions. will be back for news ahead. [ female announcer ] give yourself the gift of time
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in national news u.s. troops in afghanistan that a nice surprise it was an unannounced visit from president barack obama. at the airfield president barack obama surprise u.s. troops with words of encouragement. in the protected your country, you're achieving your objectives, he will succeed in your mission. and banks. on behalf of all three of 2 million americans, we are here to say they keep.
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friday's unannounced visit is the second trip to afghanistan for the president as commander in chief. he was scheduled to meet with the afghan president but it does storm prevented him from fly to cavil before talking to u.s. troops the president met with the wounded soldiers. >> i just came from a medical unit, i saw the wounded warriors. i pan some purple hearts. >> the timing of the truck does coincide with the with the leaks. nevertheless president spoke confidently about the u.s. partnership with afghanistan. >> because of the progress for making we look forward to a new phase next year. the beginning of the transitions of the afghan responsibility. if we do we continue to forge a partnership with the afghan people for the long term. >> there's a policy matter on the president's mind
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right out big review of the war in afghanistan is coming up this month. it has been a year since he ordered 30,000 additional troops into the country. >> a live look at traffic in san francisco this is a 80- 101 split traffic trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge east bound and it's barely moving there. the bottom of your screen traffic for the peninsula just a bit better but not by much. will be back for news ahead. right now, buy a samsung intensity ii for $29.99
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take a look at the market to, a late afternoon surge held all three major index recover ground lost earlier in the day. the dow ended up up 20 points and the nasdaq is higher by 12. one factor holding back investors today a new report showing an unexpected jump in unemployment. the latest jobless numbers indicate their effects of the recession could last well into next year. here's what economists expected to hear today. a healthy 150,000 new jobs added in november.
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here's what the labor department reported. an anemic 39,000. such short of the 170,000 new jobs in october. way short of the number needed to put a dent in the unemployment figures. unemployment has now topped 9% for 90 months. longer than any other time in american history. last month the jobless rate dropped to 9.8%, the average jobless american has been out of work for nearly 34 weeks. >> vice-president biden said today the new figures underscore the need for congress to approve an extended benefit period for the newly unemployed. senate republicans have promised to block the bill and any other legislation until the bush tax cuts are extended. meanwhile, an economic comeback is predicted for the state. according to from to a new study and it from the east bay community foundation, the area has a good chance of a brighter future because of a well
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diversified industry. if this is the largest employers in alameda, contra costa county our health care and social systems. that study also found in the last 10 years these bay has lost one in 10 jobs. its unemployment rate has climbed from 4% to 12%. while most of the time we hear of layoffs these days there is one local tech company looking to hire hundreds of new employees. kron 4 tech reporter tells us if your looking for tech job or you know someone who is here is an opportunity. >> we have ambitious hiring plans in silicon valley. stet is growing were moving into new offices next week.
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we have a new 90,000 square foot office that were moving in to write off palo alto. it's exciting 14 here we have about 100 technical use in silicon valley. stet is gearing up to hire 350 new people and the bulk of those employees will be based in silicon valley. looking for engineers, people with all kinds of backgrounds. i guess we have a lot of rules for local development platforms as well as people who are building cloud base architecture. we're really excited to be bringing on these roles here in the valley >>. to apply for this good jobs go to will post a link to our web site for you got a look for news links section. gabe slate
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kron 4 news. >> a part from this morning this is a look from the bay bridge toll plaza overcast conditions we did see a couple of sun breaks down and the south bay. temperatures there are the warmest of any bay area reflecting the extra sunshine warm things up. 59 san jose, 57 loss gatos, 56 san francisco, 52 and 51 in antioch. >> right now forcing overcast conditions but a few light showers up in the north bay near palo mop. this will pick up in intensity as we head into tomorrow. we've been seeing a steady stream of moisture and northern california and the bay area. this looks impressive does that. it looks like were seeing rain over the past 24 hours in we have just very light rain nothing like the radar has indicated because it is dried up for comes to the
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ground. light rainfall over the past 24 hours. it's certainly going to change this weekend. this is what we talked about that was up to the corner yesterday. it is merging with what's in the bay area. as these to come together to bring us a much better chance of heavier rains as a movement to the weekend. will start early tomorrow morning a chance of light sprinkles but in the morning the chances increase especially over the north bay. it doesn't look like much rain will have the ground. it is too dry for to make it down to the ground. if a lot o'clock in the morning also sing a few showers rotate through better chance of seeing the rain into the evening. you can see heavier sell approaching sambar file tells of the santa cruz mountains. into the 10:00 hour through the north bay this could affect your evening plans if you're planning on going to dinner on saturday night bring the umbrella just in case. early sunday morning heavier cells rotate through, sunday that's when the major rain will push and at 9:00 a.m.
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high and dry. as a question to the afternoon we are going to see periods of heavy rain up to an inch of rain to certain parts of the bay area. have yourself sitting right off shore if this is where will see winds kick up the coast line. also the heavy rain pushing into 5:00 moving into the north bay and also to the east bay. were continuing to see the heavy rain to the north bay and down to the south bay by 7:00 it should taper off. sunday evening and early monday all the will ceiling or showers and when the morning. the look of the rainfall totals they are pretty impressive. through the weekend expecting an inch and a half of rain in north bay up to an inch in the central as bad, three- quarters of an inch in the i remember the majority this will fall on sunday. late saturday night into sunday and sunday evening into monday the majority of the rain will fall. here kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the
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bay forecast. the chance of showers tomorrow i think the morning will be dry could see a few light sprinkles. for the evening heavier rain to pick up especially as we head into sunday at especially sunday evening into monday morning. was he when the conditions along with the coast line wins. as a move into monday things will calm down, to stay even sunbreaks. once in thursday looks like will be equipped with another storm specialist north bay will talk more about that when it gets closer. >> live look inside of friday traffic. it the city 24 split. no. the traffic is moving the slowest rate house to consider camera. now the james linlike crawling toward the lower deck of the bay bridge as he is identified it as a whore. the won a one also been quite slow. we'll be right
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using the clipper transit card to pay fares on buses, trains rose 43% last month. an average of more than 320,000 passengers are now using the card that's at 95,000 riders from just last month. the rise fueled in part by the elimination of paper passes. clippers except on six transit systems. caltrans is adding express weekend says service to its weekend schedule. beginning january 1st it will introduce its baby bullet service. it will consist of four trains that make seven stops between san jose and san francisco. regular what countrymen's make 20 stops on north and southbound stops. the new service will run as a pilot project for three months. the san francisco giants are offering early tickets for select home games. the tickets will not sell this morning will be available through december 12th. the team was hoping to capitalize on the excitement that still lingers over the day after the team won the
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world series. the ticket prices start at $7 and for the lower box, the level or bleacher areas can only be purchased at the giants website or the official dugout stores. in san francisco, daly city, palo alto in san jose. traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza the remarkably light for friday. for inside east some traffic no back up at all. the creditors agreed on the bay bridge. we'll be right back.
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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m. >> a 4:30 p.m. the trends bay terminal will be taking a beating for the next few months. wrecking ball is used to start the next phase of the demolition of the landmark building. jeff bush was there and shows us the destruction and the crowd that was watching it. >> was a sight to see a big red


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